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Tantric massage is a procedure of massage that uses the various technique from some elements like yoga, sexual therapy, and bioenergetics. The development of this massage therapy has begun since the 1980s by Andro Andreas Rothe in Germany. For the one who receive this tantric massage will play a passive role- receiving sensual touch to reach sensual pleasure. But, the function of its therapy itself is more than that purpose. It is about spiritual awakening. There are hundreds of methods written in Vigyan Bhairav including sexual meditation and meditative sexual union.

So, what kind of massage is “Tantric”?

There are lots of misunderstanding about tantric massage which is related to the sexual intercourse. On the contrary, this massage method doesn’t require penetrative sex at all. The receiver indeed will be asked to be totally nude and they will receive the method including touching and some other simulations including erotic zone. The purpose of this nudity is to make the receiver accept the sensuality from the masseuse.download

The procedure of the tantric massage begins from touching the body parts. It includes erotic zones along with intimacy- penis and vagina. The masseuse will begin from head to toe. At the first part, the session is avoiding the lingam and yoni in the purpose of allowing the receiver to relax. When this purpose has been reached, they will focus on the lingam and yoni by massaging gently without any pressure.

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Get the benefits!

I can tell you a lot of advantages by joining salsa club London in the UK. You can be fit and healthy because you move a lot while dancing. You can train your muscles. Dancing salsa is a good choice to do exercises in fun ways. Another advantage is that you can train your social skills. dancingJoining salsa club London opens a door to meet new people from various social backgrounds. You can tighten social relationship with people you already know. While dancing, you can have a nice chat and laugh with your partners. This definitely makes you have good social skills. Being part of the salsa club London improves self-esteem. You can be much more confident by practicing this dance. You can feel more beautiful and radiant. You can be more creative by inventing new moves that suit your taste. You can consult these new moves with the trainers. Dancing salsa challenges you to memorize each move. This will train you to concentrate better. You will be more focused and are smarter. For those who love all about Latin culture, I am sure they will love dancing salsa because they can enhance their skills in the Spanish language. They can get more knowledge about the Latin American culture. But if you don’t specifically like the Latin culture, you can still earn many benefits for your health, social and personal lives. You can select salsa courses according to the budget. There are many salsa courses that offer lessons at affordable prices and times. You can pick salsa course during weekends and weekdays. If you choose to take salsa courses during weekdays, you can release stress hormones. Dancing salsa on weekends is a good alternative to burning calories in the body throughout the working days. Sounds fun, right? Get more info and quickly enroll to salsa courses then!


London offers a heaven of food from other countries serving various cuisines from around the world. Each corner of London is a dining scene in different taste and price. It is not a rare view when you see most of the restaurants certified halal.

In some cases, foreigners who come to London at the first time might get shocked seeing many restaurants serve it. But, however, finding the best halal food is not that easy since there is a plenty of them in the town. It might be some of you cannot trust each restaurant though you are not intending to do it. But, if you are not sure to enter to a halal restaurant you can do some tips we provide to meet the best halal food.

Ask the staff

When you enter a restaurant, it is not a big deal to find information whether they serve halal cuisine halal burgeror not. Most restaurants come with the certificate or they verbally confirm to serve it. Mostly, the owner of the restaurant is Moslem. So, if you cannot spot a halal restaurant, go with this way. Once they know you are Moslem, they will welcome you in Moslem way.

Ask the locals

Locals are the best reference to find the best halal food in London. They are growing with the city so, they know everything about it. Blindly, you can find any restaurant with the halal board at the front, but if you are not so sure, locals know well.

What makes London has so many restaurants with the halal certificate is because of the demand for this food is high. Therefore, it forces locals restaurants to make a strategy to attract customers to come. At the end, apart from that, the taste never becomes something to ignore which people always make it as the first priority. http://www.briocheburger.com/

responsive webdesign

If you are going to start your own website to boost your business profit, it is important to consider those options of web design agency London that you can find today. If you are doing your business in around London, you will find that the best support is at the tip of your finger. You can find some options of the best web design agency. Further in the following description below, you will also find one of those agencies with the best service that you can get today. For more details about the agency, following explanation will be very helpful for you.

Get the Best One to Support You

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You can reach them via online since they are now available with their official website with further details you can get there. Instead of having no idea with what the agency will do for you, you can try to reach their website. The one recommended above is the example of those agencies that will give you everything you need for your website. They give you the ease to support and to develop your website. Since you already have what you need to improve your business, you can go to get the one that suits your goal using your website.


When it comes to hiring an event photographer, the fact is that it is not as easy as you might want to believe. There are a lot of considerations that need to be contemplated. This is something that could possibly determine how your events will be remembered years to come, so it is important to pick a suitable and professional photographer.

event photography london

Hiring the Best Event Photographer


In order to find the best photographer for your event, there are several steps that you can take:

  • First, you need to look for references. Informal exchange can be an ideal approach to finding out about proficient picture takers in your general vicinity. In the event that you do wind up reaching a picture taker that alluded to you, make certain to specify your association when you present yourself. You may even get a markdown for being a referral.
  • You have to look online and read online surveys. Check client surveys to ensure the picture taker has a decent notoriety. Likewise, take a gander at the picture taker’s site to discover who they are and their photographic style. In the event that they have an inadequately planned site, you’ll need to continue with caution as tevent photographyhey won’t be as experienced.
  • Finally, you should meet the event photographer before the occasion in order to survey them. You can go over your desires with them alongside any specifics you need them to cover. For instance, let them know whether you need them to take photographs of the occasion area before your participants arrive. Additionally, let them know where the VIP visitors will be so they can photo this gathering at your occasion. Give them a once-over of the occasion plan so they know about all the fundamental components to the photo.


Hire the best  event photography London, the photographers of this establishment are professionals with the capacity to produce quality pictures of your event with any kind of style you prefer.