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What is Open photo booth?

It is a modern alternative to traditional enclosed photo booths. It is designed for party life with its unique open-air setup and it is also more exclusive and entertaining than traditional photo booths. This is because your friends can look the fun going on and get involved by shouting suggestions or jumping into the shot. Openphotobooths offer many benefits such as the best quality pictures with its incredible prints. Open photo booths suit on weddings, birthdays and special occasion and even corporate functions.

Advantages of Open photo booth

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Almost everyone wants to capture the moment in their lives from kids to adults. They capture pictures to look them back and remember those memories. Or They can be a sweet story that will be told for their family later. And using a photo booth is the best way to make awesome memories as an open photo booth gives us benefits.

  1. Open-air designed makes it the ultimate crowd pleaser, entertaining everyone.
  2. On-screen video preview, you can get the best shot every time.
  3. From a professional lighting and equipment can give you nice pictures and prints
  4. Twice as many photo strips print up to four each time instead of the standard two.
  5. With various stripes and backgrounds make your pictures better.
  6. You can instantly share your pictures online because the social media integration allows guests to show off their best pictures and save them to a mobile device instantly with printout that is available within moment

What are features that make a different?

  • Free high-quality Props

Usually, an open photo booth includes high-quality props at no extra charge, it’s all included as standard. The props that have been provided are such as funny masks, glasses, rubber animal masks and many more.

  • Professional Photographers

The Open photo booth will always give you professional results with professional photographers and every picture will be professionally posed and all pictures will be completely unique and different


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You can find that there are several ways you can do to make your even always be remembered. For every business that looks for a different way to promote their product, it is important to find the right Event Staffing Agency. This is an important key that will determine whether or not you will have a successful event. For that reason, it will be essential for your business to choose the right event host. Among those event hosts in around UK and Europe, there will be some of them with experience to manage those event for your company. The following description below will show you more the best thing you can get from an event host.

What You Need to Do

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